At the start of each teaching session, morning and afternoon, registers are taken. If a child arrives after the doors close in the morning (8.55am) they are marked as late in the register. Please ensure your child is brought to the main entrance/office if you are late. If a child is absent through illness, a telephone call to school before 9.30am is needed.


All absences have to be categorised as authorised or unauthorised. Please complete an absence request form, which can be obtained from the office or accessed below, should your child need to be absent for any reason. School can only authorise absences for the following reasons: sickness, medical/dental appointments, music/sports exams or bereavement. All other absences/holidays will be classed as unauthorised. We do try to encourage children to have full attendance; regular absence has been proven to have a detrimental effect on children’s learning. Lateness and absences are marked on the children’s attendance and academic records. Attendance can also be checked at any time by our Education Welfare Officer.


Absence Request Form