Design and Technology




Design and Technology at St. Peter’s allows enquiring minds to pursue ideas using their imagination and creativity. Our children will experience a range of designing, making and evaluating opportunities in order to develop skills and solve real life problems. Our aim is for our children to become innovative, resourceful young designers and also have a good knowledge of food nutrition and cooking skills.




Our curriculum offer at St. Peter’s is in line with the 2014 National Curriculum. Children are taught progression in knowledge and skills such as design, structures, mechanisms, electrical control and materials, including food.

Children at St. Peter’s are encouraged to design and develop projects that link to other subject areas and have a meaningful real-life context. They are given time to amend and evaluate their ideas accordingly.




At St. Peter’s we formatively assess children continuously throughout the year, aiming for them to leave us fully equipped and able to participate successfully in an ever-increasing technological world.