Our intent is to inspire, equip and deepen children’s understanding of the world and the people who live there.  At St. Peter’s, our Geography curriculum is built around Chris Quigley’s essentials curriculum and our intent is to help pupils build long-term memories in geographical concepts, in knowledge, in vocabulary and most importantly, how these all come together to form a conceptual system called a schema. Through our curriculum, we intend to take a progressive approach to teaching Geography where each year group builds upon previous knowledge and understanding. Whenever possible, practical geographical fieldwork will compliment theoretical knowledge in order to create geographers who can seek answers to geographical questions and find ways to answer them by applying their knowledge and skills.




At St. Peter’s, we implement a high-quality Geography curriculum by using threshold concepts (investigating places, investigation patterns and communication geography) and milestones. Threshold concepts are the big ideas which underpin Geography which are: investigating places, investigating patterns and communicating geography, and within each threshold concepts are key facets of knowledge:


  • investigating places – physical features, location, human features
  • investigating patterns - physical processes, diversity, human processes
  • communicating geography - vocabulary, techniques


Our children will have opportunities throughout each year and Key Stage for spaced repetition of these concepts and key facets of knowledge. Over time, they will also understand how the concepts and knowledge interact and interleave together. The Geography curriculum starts in EYFS and builds both in scale, knowledge and skills to Year 6 covering local, national and international geography, physical and human geography and practical fieldwork.  Our Geography curriculum requires each year group to work towards milestones. Milestones are goals pupils should reach at the end of a two-year period (milestone 1 – Years 1 & 2, milestone 2 - Years 3 & 4 and milestone 3 – Year 5 & 6). Each goal aims to give children the knowledge, vocabulary and techniques they need to enrich their understanding of what is going on around them. Throughout the year, teachers will ask children to retrieve previously learnt content to ensure that they are retaining earlier knowledge and are able to apply this learning theoretically or practically. Through regular quizzes and questioning and frequent POP (proof of progress) tasks, teachers can ensure children know more and remember more.




Our high-quality Geography curriculum with its clear intent and implementation, regular retrieval of previous learning and POP tasks, provides the children at St. Peter’s with all of the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to enable them to become passionate guardians of our planet and those that live upon it.