Relationships, Sex & Health Education




At St. Peter’s, we provide a framework for Relationships, Sex & Health Education based on the values and vision of the Church of England, in which sensitive discussions can take place and our pupils can develop the necessary skills to keep themselves happy and safe.


We consider it essential for all our pupils to develop feelings of self-respect, confidence and empathy, and we aim to support them to develop their skills and confidence in decision-making, communication, assertiveness and self-expression. We want our children to understand the value of family life and the importance of positive relationships. We believe it important to teach pupils the correct vocabulary to describe themselves and their bodies, explaining the meaning of words in a sensible and factual way, and to prepare them for puberty, including giving them an understanding of the importance of health and hygiene. We encourage our children to challenge media stereotypes, oppression and prejudice and promote equal opportunities wherever possible.




Our RSHE curriculum was developed, agreed and refined by a working group which comprised of parents, governors and school staff in Summer 2021.


Our curriculum is taught mainly through the ‘Changing me’ units of work in our JIGSAW PSHE programme. We also incorporate lessons from the ‘Expect Respect’ and ‘No Outsiders’ materials into the curriculum for each year group.


Visitors from outside agencies such as the police, the school nurses and the dental health team are invited into school to support the delivery of specific parts of the curriculum where appropriate.



Our aim is for every child to leave St. Peter’s with high self-esteem, an understanding of the importance of good relationships and health, the ability to understand their feelings and emotions and the confidence to seek help, support and advice when they need it.