At St. Peters, our aim is for all children to be able to express themselves confidently and effectively. We prioritise the teaching of English, as we believe that communication is an integral part of our daily lives and that these skills are fundamental in giving children the tools they need to succeed in later life.


We aim to instil in our pupils a life-long love of reading, by providing a high standard of teaching (beginning with a systematic phonics programme), quality texts and a strong reading culture. We encourage pupils to ‘read to learn’ not just to ‘learn to read’.


We also develop childrens’ oral and written communication through a wide range of well matched, carefully planned activities that build on prior learning. We make good use of cross-curricular links and provide opportunities for children to speak and write for different purposes and audiences, as well as to listen and respond to a range of stimuli.


Throughout the curriculum, we seek to provide appropriate models and to enable pupils to develop a wide vocabulary and to appreciate our rich and varied literary heritage.