Annual Statement of the Governing Body 2021-22


Welcome to the St. Peter’s Governing Body report to parents for the school year 2021/22. The staff and children have settled into the new school year and we extend a warm welcome to our new families who have joined us this year in Reception and other year groups.  We hope your school days at St. Peter’s follow our vision of learning through a stimulating and inspirational learning environment.  The effects of the recent pandemic have undoubtedly been felt within the school environment but through the constant and diligent efforts of the Head and staff, these are gradually becoming less evident. The classes can now mix during the school day and at lunchtime which offers great opportunities for children of all years to mix and get to know each other. This opportunity has been sorely missed over the last 18 months.  We are pleased to report that although there has been disruption and many changes to school life during this time, the attitude and behaviour of the children has been exemplary.  Their enthusiasm and delight in being in school has been lovely to see.


The Governing body were pleased to be able to support Year 6’s residential visit to Arthog in July which was a great success. St Peter’s were very lucky to secure this opportunity given the reduced national availability of residential settings and therefore high demand for these places. We look forward to supporting more residential trips for the children this coming year.


Mrs Medhurst has lead on a change to the curriculum followed in school.  This follows the national lead from Ofsted that it should provide a broad and balanced education and not just preparation for exams. The progress made by the children will be evident in that they will ‘know more and remember more’ which is key to good outcomes in primary education.  The children continue to be challenged to achieve their best while remaining engaged and excited to learn.  We hope that you can join your children in exploring each curriculum topic as it is taught throughout the year.

Phonics teaching in early years has had a significant investment in teaching resources and this effort is now seen in raised standards and learning. A specialist leader of education continues to work closely with staff to ensure the improvement is embedded and progressed.


The governors have been involved in overseeing the strategic direction of the school, staff recruitment and supporting Mrs Medhurst and her staff in their exceptional work for the school.  Last year we welcomed Miss Harrigan to the administration team and this term we welcome Ms Lawson to the position of teaching partner in Early Years.


The governing body are very pleased that Jane Norton has applied for and will remain as Foundation Governor for a further term of office.


The Governing Body and the Head Teacher share responsibility for the strategic management of the school, acting within the framework set by national legislation and by policies of the Local Authority (LA). While the LA is the employer of staff, the Governing Body and Head Teacher have separate and particular responsibilities for the selection and management of staff. The internal management of the school is the responsibility of the Head Teacher, the role of the Governors is not to run the school but to support, challenge and be a critical friend.


The Governing Body holds a full meeting each term with further meetings held to discuss specific issues. These sub-committees cover the areas of curriculum, learning, finance and resources. Each governor also acts as a link for specific subject areas such as English or STEM.


I had the privilege of being re-elected as Chair of Governors for this year and would like to thank my fellow Governors, our school staff and our parents / carers who support the school so well and contribute towards making our school so successful.


Ruth MacMullen

Chair of Governors



The major focus of the Governing Body is to ensure that our pupils progress appropriately in their education. The governors appreciate that for this to happen the pupils must be supported by a well led, enthusiastic, professionally competent and motivated staff all working together within a safe, supportive, stimulating environment. Governors appreciate too the requirements of our children's parents and carers and their need to be satisfied about the overall leadership and management of the school and how it affects safety, learning and enjoyment of their children. To achieve their objectives governors too must continually evaluate the role they have played within the life of the school, and publish relevant information to all interested parties.


This statement is part of that evaluation and publication process.


The Governing Body consists of 10 members:


Type of Governor / Term of office

Specific Responsibility

Mrs Claire Medhurst

Staff Governor / Head Teacher Ex-Officio

Head Teacher

Mrs Ruth MacMullen

Chair of Governors – Co-Opted Governor 



Mr Gareth Lambe

Vice-Chair - Co-Opted Governor 2016-2025



Mr Richard Boland

Co Opted Governor 2020-2024

Health and wellbeing

Miss Gayle Hickman

Staff Governor 2015-2021

Deputy Headteacher

Mr Stephen Burrell

Authority Governor 2015-2021

Pupil Premium


Mrs Jane Norton

Foundation Governor 2017-2021


Reverend Helen Morby

Foundation Governor


Mrs Kate Chadwick

Parent Governor 2020-2024



Mrs Sarah Furniss

Parent Governor 2020-2024


Celebrating School successes


St. Peter's Primary School is a school we can be proud of. The school is a vibrant, positive place to be. Our children become responsible citizens who enjoy a great deal of success in a wide variety of experiences; academic, sporting and artistic. They enjoy coming to school and are motivated by their successes. They are secure in the knowledge that this school supports and safeguards them and welcomes their whole family - we work together as a team, with the welfare and education of each child being our focus. We aim to take every child on a journey throughout their time at St. Peter's. We strive to ensure that the journey encompasses opportunities for awe, wonder and success at every level: academic, spiritual, creative and social. Pivotal to the experience is the development of the school environment to inspire, nurture and celebrate each individual's potential. We foster a "can do" attitude in all of our pupils.


There have been very many successes this year – for pupils, staff and the whole school. The Governors are delighted to acknowledge these and congratulate the school on another fantastic year. The achievements are despite the many challenges that the global coronavirus pandemic brought.  The governing body were pleased to see how the school responded to this unprecedented situation by providing not only educational support, but also emotional, practical and pastoral support to our school community. This support is ongoing as the pandemic continues to affect our lives on a daily basis.


Additionally the school has maintained flagship status from the Inclusion Quality Mark (IQM), this being a very prestigious award in recognition of the schools inclusive practice and ongoing commitment to developing educational inclusion. We congratulate the Head teacher and her team on such an achievement.


There were unfortunately limited opportunities for the children to participate in sporting activities over the last year. The few events that did go ahead saw our children participate with enthusiasm and sportsmanship which St. Peter’s is very proud of.  There were of course excellent achievements by the children individually outside of the school and the Governors are immensely proud to see the children representing their school so admirably and having their efforts recognised by the wider community, especially in fundraising for local and national causes.


How did the Governors contribute towards this?


The Governing Body monitored school improvement through:

  • regular reports from Link governors who met with school and curriculum leaders, and effective training,
  • scrutiny of documentation,
  • rigorous appraisal systems and interviews with staff


The Governors have worked in four main ways to achieve these successes:


  1. Setting the vision for the school and strategic direction of the school.


Two governors were part of the Head Teacher performance management review alongside an external adviser. The key targets were set with a focus on leadership and management, quality of education and personal development & attitudes to learning. This enables the governors to plan for and focus on key improvement issues for school via the Head Teacher targets with those of the rest of the school workforce linked to these.

The Head Teacher targets relate to the School Development Plan (SDP), governors share in developing the SDP, with it being reviewed and challenged at each Governor meeting.

The governors have undertaken an annual Skills audit that enabled the appointment of governors to key roles within the governing body and greater understanding of their roles and responsibilities within their specific remit.  This led to the specific recruitment of our newest members who both bring a financial skill set to complement the existing expertise.

The Governors have been involved in the recruitment of new staff to ensure that we appoint the right calibre of staff to contribute towards the excellent performance of the school and continued development of the children.

Governors hold meetings each term one of which is the full Governing Body meeting.

Governors, throughout the year, have attended training courses to improve their skills in order to support the development of the school and ensure that we fulfil our role effectively.


  1. Holding the Head Teacher to account


The governors are aware of the key strengths and weaknesses of the school identified through the various data sources, e.g. data dashboard and ASP. The Head teacher is called upon to account for school performance during the termly governor meetings.

In conducting the annual performance review of the Head Teacher the Governors assess the overall school performance and hold the Head Teacher to account.

Governors consider any recommendations by the Head Teacher for pay awards to teaching staff and ratify when appropriate.

The Head Teacher has written a termly report to the Governing Body, which includes attainment and achievement of pupils, quality of teaching and the curriculum offer. Governors have tabled strategic questions to the Head Teacher regarding the reports to ensure that the impact of Teaching and Learning in our school is resulting in positive outcomes for all our pupils.

Governors questioned the underlying reasons for resignations and long term illness to better understand the challenge of securing effective/motivated teaching staff.


  1. Ensuring financial resources are well spent


Budget Monitoring is overseen by the Governing Board who have a sound understanding of the financial position of the school. Two governors are identified as lead governors for finance who ensure that spending is in line with the ‘best value’ ethos. Areas for spending are linked to the priorities on the School Development Plan and any other ‘emergency’ spending.

The Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS) form was completed and submitted. This ensures that the budget is spent wisely and properly, allowing the school to optimise resources, and so raise standards and attainment for all pupils.

The Certificate of Presentation of Audited School Funds was submitted and approved. Audited School Funds are presented at the Full Governing Body meeting on an annual basis.

Governors also identify the use and impact of spending the Pupil premium grant with a strong focus on the impact on pupil outcomes.


  1. Ensuring statutory duties are met and priorities approved


All governors plan ahead for attendance at meetings and managing workload.

Statutory policies are reviewed annually and updated.

An audit of the school website was undertaken with an agreement made to update the look of the website.

A Health and Safety audit has been completed.

Governors have given particular regard to the new statutory guidance and updates on ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ and are conversant with key points.

All governors are aware of their safeguarding responsibilities.

Additional governors are trained in ‘Safer Recruitment’.



Future Plans for 2020/21:


In line with the SDP, the focus for the strategic development of the school involves the following areas for development:


  • To continue to develop and maintain an inspiring and inclusive school environment
  • To maintain & improve further standards in KS1 & KS2 Cross Curricular Reading.
  • To improve and embed standards in EYFS and KS1 in phonics.
  • To maintain & improve further standards in KS1 & KS2 GD Maths.
  • To improve and consolidate whole school ethos with particular regard to mental health and whole school well-being- ensuring pupils are well supported considering the impact of the pandemic.

To ensure effective use of SIAMS Framework with Staff & Governors, address school definition of Spirituality & how to evidence this.



How to contact the Governing Body


We would love to hear your views and opinions on our school. The school sends out an annual questionnaire and you can complete the same questionnaire online at Parent View on the OfSTED website. If you would like to discuss something in particular, please contact the Chair of Governors at or leave correspondence at the school office marked ‘for the attention of the Chair of Governors’.


We look forward to another amazing year in 2020-2021 where we can look towards a more settled time of learning and enjoyment of all that the school life of St. Peter’s can offer.